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Guest House

The guest house
The guest house, secluded and self-contained from the main house, is composed of three tiered levels: (1) the kitchen, dining area, and balcony; (2) the living room and garden bathroom; and (3) the master bedroom and walk in closet.

Additionally, under the Guest House there is a separate bedroom suite complete with a small kitchen and fridge and a washing machine.

The three tiered

The balcony

The dining area

The kitchen area
The kitchen is open and fully equipped with a mixed gas and electric range, a large fridge and a breakfast bar. On the balcony outside there is a BBQ area.

The main bedroom

The bathroom
The Balinese style bathroom is open to the outside but in a sheltered, secluded area with its own small protected garden.

The enclosed shower

The position of the Retreat on the Santikhiri hill means there are no mosquitos, the nights are cool, and the sunsets are enchanting.